I just spotted an interesting Google search. Google searches full of spaces are interpreted as packed together. For instance running a search for laundrette c h a t s w o o d returns exactly the same result as laundrette chatswood but, pulling the spaces out entirely changes it entirely – laundrettechatswood returns no results […]

The common claim by the advanced SEO is that the average webmaster pays too much attention to PageRank. PageRank is the ‘score’ used by Google as one of its measures of the importance of a page, and plays a role in determining the ranking of a page in every SERP. However, its a tiny role […]

As I’ve started posting here again, I’ve taken the time to do a little tidying – I’ve implemented fucoder’s Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin. The URLs here were silly – ‘p=id’ stuff. /yyyy/mm/name/ – much nicer :0 Its an easy plugin. I recommend it if you haven’t implemented it, or something similar.

Its ridiculous how often some of us track our adsense earnings – really, logging in once a day should be enough. But Checking The Stats can become addictive – just one more update, to watch the numbers increase some more… It doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t change the total at the end of the month, […]

Finally, a Dave Pasternack entry worth supporting! (Darn, dude – I am annoyed I didn’t think of that myself!)

Google is getting cleverer at picking locations out of queries

Danny, in his momentous and excellent decription for Jason Calcanis of why SEO isnot what he thinks it is, mentions that the public still doesn’t understand SEO. He’s right, and I don’t see it changing soon.

Google Local is now available in Australia.

James Edwards dropped a great quote about how to draw the line between priorities of accessability, usabiltiy and aesthetics.

OK, I’ll play too – Dave asked for links to Matt’s blog, using the .co.uk variant. I thought I would link to a fake of Matt’s discussion of Page Loading delays not affecting rankings. This topic concerns me, in a negative way – I’m of the school that, short of a page failing to load, […]

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