Elysian specialises in back end web development and onsite search engine optimisation.

We rarely take new clients, but if you think you have an especially interesting project, do feel free to contact us.

-- Lea de Groot

Blog Entries

While fiddling with my logs, I found the oddest thing – to paraphrase the headline, 33% of iPhone users search on Yahoo rather than Google (in the .au space) So I have a site with large traffic in the Australian mum and dad traffic space. Its a ‘one-off’ site – you use it find some […]

So there was a question on the WSG Mailing List asking what smart phone usage stats were like in the .au space. As it happens, I have a some sites with decent traffic from ‘everyday users’ in that space, so I thought I’d help out by posting the smart phone stats. Its just a dump […]

Everyone is talking about the new Google Trends for websites – Graywolf has a piece on it, as does Aaron (where this post started as a comment. Hi Aaron! Look! Blogging!). But I think its important to note that, while people are complaining that this is giving away the farm, its not as bad as […]