This is an experiment to see what emphasis the search engines place on various tags. Specifically tested are: h1 h2 b strong em I have created 4 pages using a particular phrase for each of these tags. The tags that the search engines actually use to weight words should appear in the top results. If […]

This is an experiment to see whether Google recognises the Header tags as showing the marked text as "more important". I have created 10 pages. Page One applies markup to The Phrase with a H1 tag Page Two applies markup to The Phrase with a H2 tag Page Three applies markup to The Phrase with […]

This is an experiment to see whether Google recognises the cite tag as "special". I have created 5 pairs of pages. 5 have The Phrase in a cite tag, and 5 don’t. Pages labelled B have The Phrase inside a cite tag, while pages labelled A just have The Phrase as part of a paragraph. […]

This page is an overview of how this site facilitates visitors with disabilities (and makes life easier for the rest of us, too) Access keys Unless I missed something in the last site upgrade (in which case, let me know!, this site does not make use of Access Keys. The possibilities for clashing with keys […]

This page is designed to make you aware of what types of information we may collect about you and your visit to our site, and how we will use that information. We hold the personal privacy of people as very important and will do our best to ensure you retain it. Our Privacy Policy forms […]

I look forward to hearing from you. You can contact me :- by Post: Brisbane Office:9 Dairyfarm Lane,Cedar Creek QLD 4520 by Phone: (07) 3289-4614 Not in Australia? +61 7 3289-4614 on the Web:   by Email: You can use the form below or you may send email to ‘enquiries’ at this domain.

This website was built and is maintained using WordPress 2.2.1 The layout is based on the Connections Reloaded v1.5 by Ajay D’Souza – originally derived from Connections Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form v.2.0WP by Mike Cherim & Mike Jolley. Photography on this site is courtesy of David de Groot Photography, a Brisbane-based professional photographer.

Elysian is one of the leading firms for Brisbane search engine optimisation. I understand how to optimise your site so you will get the best return on investment possible. Frequently Asked Questions What is Search Engine Optimisation? Search Engine Optimisation is performed to make your site appear high in the results in the engines that […]

HomePage; Introduction to Elysian Systems Contact Us;  How to get in touch with us Portfolio – some of our projects Caring for my family is the reason I work – Elysian happily maintains: The Australian Child Care Index Buying Great Maternity Clothes in Australia The Australian Aged Care Guide Victorian Aged Care Guide New South Wales […]

muahahaha! My Mother’s Day present arrived today – on Sunday I will be the proud owner of a copy Eric Meyer’s new book, More Eric Meyer on CSS. I’m strictly forbidden from opening the box until sunday, so it is sitting here looking at me forlornly. Hmmm… its supposedly gift wrapped inside, so I could […]

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