Rand recently ranked 50 SEO Blogs and I thought a nice comparison would be a whys-and-wherefores of the SEO blogs I read. I’m not going to directly ‘rank’ , I don’t think, instead I will group them in order of importance to me The majors, or A-list SEO blogs. These are the guys who are […]

I’ve been noticing some common practices across sites which are reducing the general accessability of the webpages served. Below is a list I have been making that might be useful to you in making your pages more accessable. On Using Forms Required fields are often marked with a little star, or asterisk. JAWS (one of […]

MSN has graciously given us a new way to stop the ODP messing with out listings. They have supplied to two meta tags to instruct the engine not to use an ODP title for a result listing. The ODP is an open source project to list websites by topic. As it is a volunteer project […]

I am almost at my wits end – my workhorse, my friend at all times, the one who is always there for me – my laptop is misbehaving. This is devastating for me – every piece of work I do is predicated on the suite of tools I have painstakingly assembled here and to have […]

Rand has a post on how pushy poor SEO service providers can be today – he was approached by some mob called Internet Advancement who did not seem to realise that he is a professional SEO and offered him all sorts of poor services that they would do for him that would not benefit him […]

I just found a peculiar bug in Safari. It recognises a CSS attribute of ‘background-colour’ – yes, thats with the non-American spelling. Is that bizarre, or what? ‘Why’, I asked myself, ‘is this displaying the correct colour in Safari but no other browser?’ Because Safari can spell! Hurray! Not that it is useful, given the […]

Karl Dawson has started a neat series of articles on correct markup of the head element in a web page at his ‘That Standards Guy” blog. The first entry covers how to use the DTD, the following entries are expected to cover the other elements. This is a nice coverage of a niche which has […]

Over on the GAWDs mailing list there have been changes in the current thoughts on access keys. Generally, it has been thought that access keys should not be used because they are too likely to conflict with existing key combinations in a user’s setup and because having different key combinations on different browsers meant that […]

Here’s a tip – Do you use browsercam to test your website layouts? Its an excellent service, if somewhat pricey. Do you find logging in drives you crazy because it doesn’t remember your password? Make your bookmark for http://www.browsercam.com/login.aspx rather than the site homepage – the login page correctly remembers your password where the homepage […]

I’m helping out with the WE05 conference this year, and I am so excited! My flight is booked, crash space with friends is arranged (isn’t knowing people from the internet for years the coolest thing?) and all I have to do is pack, and explain to the children at the last minute where I will […]

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