While fiddling with my logs, I found the oddest thing – to paraphrase the headline, 33% of iPhone users search on Yahoo rather than Google (in the .au space) So I have a site with large traffic in the Australian mum and dad traffic space. Its a ‘one-off’ site – you use it find some […]

So there was a question on the WSG Mailing List asking what smart phone usage stats were like in the .au space. As it happens, I have a some sites with decent traffic from ‘everyday users’ in that space, so I thought I’d help out by posting the smart phone stats. Its just a dump […]

Everyone is talking about the new Google Trends for websites – Graywolf has a piece on it, as does Aaron (where this post started as a comment. Hi Aaron! Look! Blogging!). But I think its important to note that, while people are complaining that this is giving away the farm, its not as bad as […]

I read Andy Beal’s Lowering The Google Red Flag article this morning, and it contains what I expected to see soon – skilled internet publishers challenging Google’s “ownership” of the web by blocking them…

Andy has been badly hit by page rank reductions because he writes paid reviews with followed links. We aren’t talking 5 minute crappy reviews here, Andy tells us he puts hours of work into each review and is very discriminating in what reviews he takes on. One would have thought he would be the ideal subject for

I remember the internet. It was really cool – so many resources, all in front of you on your computer, and things called ‘search engines’ that had big lists of *everything* on the ‘net (because we affectionately called it “the ‘net”) and you could go to a search engine website and type in something you […]

I don’t know about you, but I am a slacker about keeping up with people. I regularly get phone calls from people who have gotten my name as a contact and want to know if I know anyone with X skills who is available. Generally, I have no idea, sadly, because I have spent the […]

It happened again! I was reading Kim Krause Berg’s latest blog entry on Cre8pc “Celebrating Sexy Women Nerds” and saw the results of her Nerd Test. Last time I did one of these I out-geeked a whole bunch of guys who are really, really geeky (It was being able to quote Heinlein! I swear!) but […]

Its nice to rank well in all the engines, but Ask is one of the engines that matters least to me, as it seems to push very little traffic. (Poor Ask ) Lets see if we can help – click here to see lots of results about ME! OK, there’s an ulterior motive. Cristian Mezei […]

Most of the forums have some discussion of supplemental issues going on at any given time. Lots of people seem confused by what it means and what they can do about it. Here’s my take on it: A page in the supplemental index hasn’t got a penalty, it hasn’t been ‘filtered’, its just that Google […]

McAfee SiteAdvisor recently published a study into malware production by tld. Its an interesting little artifact – it shows a pretty strong correlation between a tld that can be registered by anyone and the production of malware (for broad definitions of “malware”). .info comes in at a staggering 73% of user registrations result in some […]

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