This page is designed to make you aware of what types of information we may collect about you and your visit to our site, and how we will use that information.

We hold the personal privacy of people as very important and will do our best to ensure you retain it. Our Privacy Policy forms part of the terms of use of this website. If you dont like what you are reading here, then you need to leave now – but we think you’ll be just fine with it.

We specifically collect statistical data about your viewing experience, such as browser window size, browser version, etc, in order to improve our site, and our client’s sites, from this data. This data is statistical in nature and we dont identify you from it.

If we collect your email address we will never pass it on to a third party without your express permission, and we will do our best not to send you any mailing that you havent requested (as tempting as it is to boast about how well the company is doing, we know it will only bore you :).

Our logs also collect some other details of you, such as your IP address – this is a default attribute of running a web server. We make no use of this information at this time.