I don’t know about you, but I am a slacker about keeping up with people. I regularly get phone calls from people who have gotten my name as a contact and want to know if I know anyone with X skills who is available.
Generally, I have no idea, sadly, because I have spent the last 3 months with my head buried in a project and ignoring my ‘social network’, despite wanting to take Neil’s advice on staying in contact with people.
One way I try to get around this little failing of mine is by having hooked up on Linkedin with people I like to work with, or use as a bouncing board for ideas.
I’ve had people decline invites because they ‘don’t want another social network’, but I don’t use it that way, I use it as a way to not lose track of people. Did I work with you 3 years ago, but I don’t know where you are today? If we have connected on LinkedIn then I have your current email, no problemo.Its a useful way to keep track of colleagues.
Webworkerdaily also recently had a nice description of ways to use Linkedin.