The common claim by the advanced SEO is that the average webmaster pays too much attention to PageRank.
PageRank is the ‘score’ used by Google as one of its measures of the importance of a page, and plays a role in determining the ranking of a page in every SERP. However, its a tiny role – its only one of many factors that Google weighs to determine the SERPs – and, yet, people who are new to the industry, and some who should know a lot better, put a lot of weight on that little green bar.
Why? Why do they feel that such a tiny thing is so important? It is, after all, only one of many factors that determine a ranking.
The answer is: human nature.
We see it all the time – someone posts on a forum, establishes a reputation and is quite proud of their post count and how high it is.
Its a score, a way of looking good, and everyone loves to look good.
PageRank is the same – with very few ways to broadly measure the success of a website, people need some way to say ‘aren’t I cool!’. Page Rank is how they do that.
Having decided that PageRank is important for their site its only natural that the average webmaster judges other sites by the same measure.

PageRank toiting – its just human nature :)