Yesterday I wrote about how Google Local has come to Australia. Michael Gray has been writing a series on local search recently, which has only reinforced for me how important it is. So, its a good thing that Google is finally fully Here, and I’m really happy its happened, but I had the opportunity to revisit how little some people know about what we do.

Having effective local search available will be great – if Google can get a decent quantity of business listings – they are a little short at the moment.

In the spirit of the moment I found the TrueLocal page for submissions and entered my company details. Oddly enough I didn’t get a listing confirmation page, or a status in the email, I got a thank you page with the information that they would phone me presently.

Presently turned out to be the next day, and it was an interesting conversation. After telling the nice man all the details I had already entered so he could enter them in his system (I wonder how the spelling went… oh dear!) and how to pronounce the company name three times (ee-lis-ee-en), we got to the topic of where did I want to be listed.

Me: Internet marketing
Him: Web design?
Me: No, we don’t do that
Him: Oh, you run stats and things for people?
Me: God no! We do Internet Marketing!
Him: … OK, I’ll put you down for that.

So I wonder where we will turn up :(

The point being that Joe Public (and this man worked for an internet directory, so $DIETY help the public!) doesn’t know what SEO or SEM or Internet Marketing is. So Danny is correct in “Why The SEO Folks Were Mad At You, Jason“, the public doesn’t know what we do.

I’d love to offer some hope for the future in closing, but I don’t have any. I don’t know what my mechanic does to my car when he services, I usually don’t know exactly what my doctor is testing for when she sends off some samples… and I shouldn’t have to – that’s their job, and this is mine.