Our American cousins have been talking more and more about local search in recent times, but the techniques they have been using haven’t always been available to sites located elsewhere in the world.
Its frustrating to have someone advise you to ‘submit the site to Google Local’ and have to (figuratively) look them in the eye and say ‘Nope, not available here’.
The traditional means are available of course, with various local and vertical directories being produced, but the big one, Google Local, just hasn’t been here. google.com.au, pages from Australia, has been around for a long time, of course, and in some ways this gives us an advantage that the Americans don’t have, as Google has never produced a .us localised version.
But the Google Local service just hasn’t been available – until now – Google has now released maps.google.com.au. The general map product has been available to Australia for a few months now but its been extended into a full ‘local service’. Google has teamed up with truelocal.com.au, a News LTD company for business data and now we can search for a local restaurant easily, right from the toolbar.
So, go to http://maps.google.com.au/, enter restaurant south bank and you too can get the details of your favourite Brisbane restaurants :)
Despite the outrageous fee that seems to be needed for a proper link back (it seems to be free to submit to Google Local in the States?) its still a good thing for increased visibility.
Thank you, Google (What took you so long! ;))