Its ridiculous how often some of us track our adsense earnings – really, logging in once a day should be enough.
But Checking The Stats can become addictive – just one more update, to watch the numbers increase some more…
It doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t change the total at the end of the month, and yet we do it – one of my excuses to myself is that it lets me have an easy uptime-check across my sites in one page view. (Yeah, right…)

Occasionally Adsense is running late – the stats don’t seem to be moving, and its useful to have techniques for forcing the latest numbers out of her. Here are 4 different ways to see your report data that may update at different rates:

1. The overview – the obvious place to start. This gives one set of results
2. By-day summary – in Advanced Reports, choose Aggregate Data and This Month for date range (I have this saved as a report)
3. Saved Channel Report – again, in Advanced Reports. Select Today from Date Range and a group of channels that will give unique data (ie no visit will be reported twice). This will often mean by Url Channel. Save this as a report and run the report
4. The last report is special. Run the Saved Channel report, from point 3, above, and add another channel. It can be an unused one. Adding a channel to a saved report seems to force new data into the report – there seems to be some caching somewhere along the way.

Most of the time these reports will all give the same results, but every now and then Adsense will slow down and nothing seems to be updating. Running alternate reports will let you get a peek into data you’re about to find out about otherwise.
But, honestly, there’s no reason to run these reports – Adsense results will update when they do and you don’t need to update constantly. Really. Truly. 😉

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll just go and check my stats!