I’m helping out with the WE05 conference this year, and I am so excited! My flight is booked, crash space with friends is arranged (isn’t knowing people from the internet for years the coolest thing?) and all I have to do is pack, and explain to the children at the last minute where I will be for a few days :)
Despite working the gig, I’m expecting to be able to attend the majority of sessions. I’m planning to sit in on:

  • Roger Hudson’s "Accessible Forms" (rather than Brett Jackson, John Horner, and David McDonald’s "Panel: Moving your organisation to standards")
  • Lisa Herrod, and Peter Brawn’s "Eye tracking the user experience" (rather than Dean Jackson’s "SVG – the power and the passion", although its a close call)
  • Tim Lucas’s "AJAX" (rather than John Allsopp "Are we there yet? Best practices in web development in Australia – a survey", which would be good, but its targetted at managers, which isn’t me, and I really need more JS exposure)
  • Steven Faulkner’s "The title atribute – What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!" (over James Robertson’s "Selecting a content management system", which looks good and I would probably find value in. Don’t you hate having to choose?)
  • Cameron Adams’ "Javascript and the DOM" (rather than Russ Weakley’s "Liquid layouts using CSS – the joy, the pain, the tears" – sorry, Russ, but you did make me choose, and I immodestly like to think my CSS skills are up to scratch :))

It looks like a great conference and I’d really like to thank the team for a) putting it on and b) asking me to help out!
Would you like to attend? Sorry, its sold out. Maybe next year?