I was browsing past Design is Kinky tonight, and found that they had done another front-page changey thing, this time pointing off to something called Semi-Permanent05.
<click> <click> and I am there, but I have no idea what ‘there’ is. There is some mention of ‘sydney’ but I suspect they have done a geo-check, noted that I am in Australia and inserted an appropriate location – what else is the point of such a localised event for what is presumably a worldwide market?
But there are *no* clues as to what this is; I hate that.
They ask me to give my contact details for updates, but there is no hint on update of *what*. bah!
Clicking around the site shows that they are running some sort of design contest, but a contest for what? No clues!
So, this is only for the in-crowd, the cognoscenti?
Simple, pure, unadorned arrogance.